You ARE cool, you DO have friends. 

About The Game

Stereotopics is a 4-10 player team-based party game. Players draw a topic card, write ridiculous responses based on the card, then go back and forth to figure out who wrote what. The team with the most correct guesses wins! 

How to Play

BUY Stereotopics

There's a limited number of copies available right now, so buy quick! No, this isn't marketing BS, there's literally only a few copies left. 

Oh F.A.Q.
Are stereotypes bad?  
Pretty much, but sometimes positive stereotypes do good. Google "stereotype boost."
Can I write whatever response I want to a topic card? 
Absolutely. A word, a sentence, you could even draw a penis if you really wanted to! 
How can I be a better person? 
You can probably start by not buying this game.